The memorablia in the museum consists of photographs, sketches, paintings and excerpts from the writings of Rammohun and others reproduced, wherever possible, in facsimile. Also period furnitures and diorama representaions designed to recreate the times. Together they not only give us the glimpses of the various facets of one of the greatest personalities of the modern age, but at the same time take us back into a period in history when India was at crossroads, and Rammohun heralded the coming of the modern age.

Period FurnitureThe exhibits in the museum may be classified under the following heads:
  • Books
  • Commemorative Items
  • Photographs
  • Paintings and Sketches
  • Panels and Dioramas
  • Period furniture
  • Death mask of Rammohun

The museum has recreated the replicas of period furniture and attire of Rammohun to depict the style of living at that time. We have paid attention to recreate the with exact detail to reflect the style that was prevelanty during that era.

Death Mask of RammohunA humble beginning of the Memorial has been made by the Rammohun College with grants received from the Central Government. Department of Culture, Victoria Memorial Hall and kind donations received from the public.

The museum has amongst its prized exhibits the death mask of Rammohun.Books of Rammohun The replica has been made by the reputed sculptor Sri Niranjan Pradhan, the original of which was brought from Bristol by Shivanath Shastri.

The museum has a large collection of books by Rammohun. There are originals and facsimilies dating back to the early 18th century.

The museum has a large collection of commemorative items that include Stamps & Special Covers, historical documents B Solyn's depiction of Sutteerelated to Rammohun. Among the important possessions include the funeral document of Rammohun and other items. Among the photographs there are the houses associated with Rammohun; the memorial at his ancestral place and at Arnos Vale; relics of his house at Radhanagar etc.

The museum has the paintings of Sutte by renowned artists of that age such as B. Solvyns. There are also paintings and sketches of followers and contemporaries of Rammohun in the 19th century, notable of them being Prince Dwarkanath Tagore, Tarachand Chakraborty etc.

The museum presents through several pictorial depictions and diaromas Rammohun's ideals, his life and work, as also some significant historical events of that period.
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