The library attached to the Raja Rammohun Roy Memorial Museum is in the process of making. The library hss been opened for the user community on 27th September, 2013 at a function of the 180th anniversary of the Raja’s death. The library is the learning resource centre, which provides support to the academic excellence and research activities of the museum. The objectives of the library is to build collections of books, documents and reading materials in different forms and languages on Indian renaissance period and with special reference to Raja Rammohun Roy’s life.


The library is partly automated. The bibliographic records of the books and journals can be accessed electronically. The library uses tailor made software for cataloguing records. The users can search OPAC to find out the availability of specific books and journals.

Services Offered
1. Reading Room Service
2. Periodical Section
3. Photocopy Service
Librarian - Bappa Adak - M. A. , M.L.I.Sc (Hindi diploma), Trained (Paper Conservation) Asiatic Society, Kolkata & Directorate of State Archives Govt. of West Bengal
Guide Lecturers - Jhimli Saha & Sudeshna Banerjee
4 Non - technical personnel
Number of Books
6028 (old & rare 18th to 19th century on words)
Nature of periodicals: 8 types
Number of periodicals: 1300 (old and rare)

  • The Library is open for Reading facility only for the Post-Graduate students, Scholars, Researchers and Academicians interested in the subjects and related subjects of Indian renaissance. It was then resolved to extend the Reading Room facilities to undergraduate (Under Graduate) students in addition to Post Graduate students and Research Scholars on the same terms and conditions.
  • The Library membership is offer initially for a period of one year by depositing of Rs. 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred only) only as membership fee
  • Special membership may be offered to the deserving applicants for a period of three months only for a nominal fee of Rs. 200/- on the discretion of the Management of the Museum / Librarian, as the case may be.(It may extended for one year). Please note: Special membership should be introduced any academician.
  • Membership fee one deposited will not be refunded


The library will remain open from Tuesday to Friday from 11.30 AM to 4.00 PM and on Saturday from 11.30 a.m to 1.30 PM and Sunday from 11.30 AM to 4.00 PM the library will remain closed on Monday and Public holidays as notified by the Government of West Bengal and the Management of the Museum. All timings are in IST (i.e. GMT +5:30 hrs)


It is our plan to more on with the challenging work of making it one of the foremost libraries of Research on Rammohun Roy. Which is why we want to procure more books and documents on Rammohun Roy from different Sources. Apart from this it is our ambition to bring out more translated versions of Rammohun’s work in English. Much of his work written originally in Bengali remains unknown and unread to this day to a vast majority of non – Bengali speaking readers.

Two hundred Years have elapsed, yet we have a long way to go towards achieving true democracy and reach out to all sections of the society.Tagore called the library a ‘Silent sea’ of knowledge that liberates, knowledge that empowers. Hence it is our small effort to carry forward the message of Rammohun Roy to the young and the brave of the new age.
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